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Romeo Salta Attorney at Law Can Help Avoid Evictions & Foreclosures

Choose a qualified foreclosure defense attorney in New York, NY

There are actions you can take to try and stop a foreclosure. Start by calling on Romeo Salta Attorney at Law. Romeo Salta is a foreclosure defense and mortgage modification attorney based in New York, NY.

Attorney Salta works with clients in metro New York City and surrounding counties. He'll work hard and smart to help you avoid eviction and foreclosure. If this can't be avoided, he will attempt to work out a settlement with the bank to allow you to keep your home.

Call the office right away to explore your options.

3 things every tenant should know about foreclosure

A lot of questions can come up if you're facing foreclosure. Here's some information you may find useful:

  1. You must receive a foreclosure notice before any post-foreclosure eviction action can be brought before a court.
  2. While foreclosure action is pending, you should still pay your rent.
  3. Your landlord is required to maintain the property as usual while action is pending.

As a knowledgeable foreclosure defense attorney in New York, NY, Romeo Salta can answer any questions you have about the foreclosure process. Call him now at 917-562-3347 to discuss the details of your situation.